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1" x 30" strap, for Dogtra models: ARC, 1900NCP, 1902NCP, 1900S, 1902S, 2300NCP, 2302NCP, 3500NCP, 3502NCP, Edge, Edge RT, YS500, 1400NCP, 1500NCP, 1600NCP, 1700NCP, 1800 series, 2200 series, 7100H, 7102H, and H Plus.

3/4" x 28" black strap, for Dogtra models: iQ, iQ Plus, 175NCP, 200NCP, 202NCP, 280NCP, 282NCP,  200C, 202C,280C, 282C, 300M, 302M, 7000M, 7002M, M Plus, EF-3000, and EF-3000Gold.