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The Pet Stop Canada Pro System DIY brings you quality pet containment at a fantastic value! Our comprehensive system includes the premium wire, transmitter, receiver, and all the necessary tools to install and maintain your Pet Stop Canada pro fence system.

As a Canadian owned and operated company, we know that you need confidence in a system that works year-round in all weather conditions. That’s why we offer a lifetime wire corrosion guarantee! We also back up our system by offering you a two-year warranty on our Pet Stop® equipment. So, as with all Pet Stop Canada products, we are just a phone call away for your support needs.

The Pet Stop Canada Pro System DIY keeps your pets running free and playing safe!

Base Package Includes:

Steel System Case

  • Easy to install, super portable, provides system protection, and the perfect place to store pet paraphernalia!

PCC-200 PRO Transmitter

  • The PCC-200 PRO includes Pet Stop's Stabilitemp and Lightning Protection technology to ensure system durability.

Ecolite LINK Receiver

  • Our most compact receiver, the Ecolite LINK Pet Stop receiver is programmable and customizable for your pets' needs. It is also rechargeable, so you never have to worry about ordering batteries again!

Ecolite LINK App

  • With it's accompanying app, the Ecolite LINK can function like a training collar. It also can send alerts when your collar is low battery, or not producing a signal.

Diagnostic Charging Station

  • The rapid-charge Pet Stop Canada charging cradle only requires three hours to get a full charge - and only needs to do so once a month! The cradle is also diagnostic, so you can be sure that your receiver is functioning at its best.

Information Cards and Videos

  • Case includes information cards outlining important training and system information, as well as common troubleshooting. Our DIY landing page includes additional information, photos and videos on system set-up and maintenance.

500 Ft of Premium Teflon 14-Gauge Copper Wire

  • Made in Canada, our Teflon Copper wire is UV impervious, easily malleable, and comes with a lifetime deterioration guarantee!

50 Feet of Twisted Wire

  • Ideal for gates and entryways, twisted wire allows your pet to cross a certain section without correction. For examples of layouts, look at our DIY landing page on our website!

50 Training Flags

  • Full size and bright green, our training flags make year round training easy!

Medium Comfort Contact Tips

  • Pet Stop's medium comfort contact tips are ideal for most dog types! The comfortable and rounded tip minimizes irritation. For long haired dogs, consider adding spring tips!

3 Splice Kits

  • Should anything happen to break your wire, our splice kits include the marettes, gel packs and other essentials you need to quickly repair your wire.

Tool Kit 

  • Our tool kit contains all the odds and ends you need to keep your system running at its best! The kit includes:
    • Tester light to check receiver stimulation without using your fingers
    • A mini wrench for easy removal of contact points
    • A measuring tape to size your pet's neck
    • A pencil to note transmitter settings within the case

10 Yard Staples

  • To easily secure your wire above-ground or onto fences. 

For cat systems, it is recommended that you purchase the Ecolite LINK or Ecolite HO.

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