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The Pet Stop Canada Pro System DIY brings you quality pet containment at a fantastic value! Our comprehensive system includes the premium wire, transmitter, receiver, and all the necessary tools to install and maintain your Pet Stop Canada pro fence system.

As a Canadian owned and operated company, we know that you need confidence in a system that works year-round in all weather conditions. That’s why we offer a lifetime wire corrosion guarantee! We also back up our system by offering you a two-year warranty on our Pet Stop® equipment. So, as with all Pet Stop Canada products, we are just a phone call away for your support needs.

The Pet Stop Canada Pro System DIY keeps your pets running free and playing safe!

Base Package Includes:

Steel System Case

  • Easy to install, super portable, provides system protection, and the perfect place to store pet paraphernalia!

PCC-200 PRO Transmitter

  • The PCC-200 PRO includes Pet Stop's Stabilitemp and Lightning Protection technology to ensure system durability.

PCC-200 Pet Stop Receiver

  • Made with durable thermoplastic, the PCC-200 Pet Stop receiver is programmable and customizable for your pets' needs. For a rechargeable option, consider the Ecolite HO or Ecolite LINK

Information Cards and Videos

  • Case includes information cards outlining important training and system information, as well as common troubleshooting. Our DIY landing page includes additional information, photos and videos on system set-up and maintenance.

500 Ft of Premium Teflon 14-Gauge Copper Wire

  • Made in Canada, our Teflon Copper wire is UV impervious, easily malleable, and comes with a lifetime deterioration guarantee!

50 Feet of Twisted Wire

  • Ideal for gates and entryways, twisted wire allows your pet to cross a certain section without correction. For examples of layouts, look at our DIY landing page on our website!

50 Training Flags

  • Full size and bright green, our training flags make year round training easy!

Medium Comfort Contact Tips

  • Pet Stop's medium comfort contact tips are ideal for most dog types! The comfortable and rounded tip minimizes irritation. For long haired dogs, consider adding spring tips!

3 Splice Kits

  • Should anything happen to break your wire, our splice kits include the marettes, gel packs and other essentials you need to quickly repair your wire.

Tool Kit 

  • Our tool kit contains all the odds and ends you need to keep your system running at its best! The kit includes:
    • Tester light to check receiver stimulation without using your fingers
    • A mini wrench for easy removal of contact points
    • A measuring tape to size your pet's neck
    • A pencil to note transmitter settings within the case

10 Yard Staples

  • To easily secure your wire above-ground or onto fences.


For cat systems, it is recommended that you purchase the Ecolite LINK or Ecolite HO.

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