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Indoor Transmitter Holiday Collection with PCC 200 Receiver

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1.00 LBS
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The Pet Stop Canada Holiday Collection includes:

  • Transmitter in Christmas Box
  • Training flags 
  • Wire
  • PCC 200 Receiver

*includes GST and shipping. Receiver not included*

The indoor transmitter blends perfectly with your holiday décor and can use the wireless or wired feature to keep your curious kitten or prying pooch safe from holiday hazards.

The indoor transmitter isn’t just for the holidays either! You can use the indoor transmitter all year round! Use it to:

  • Block a stairway
  • Protect a couch
  • Stop counter surfing
  • Keep your pets out of off limit rooms
  • Use on your porch or patios
  • And more….

How Does The Indoor Transmitter Work?


Sophie just got caught planning her next move!


Sophie goes for the decorations.....


The Pet Stop indoor transmitter arrives, packaged as a gift complete with training flags and wire.


Easy to set up , Sarah just plugs it in and the wireless signal surrounds the tree ( or alternatively a wire under the carpet or the tree skirt )


Sophie gets a brief training, checks out the flags but wont touch. 

She hangs her head, foiled again as she realizes the Christmas tree is off stop the  kitchen counter!